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 Meetings are held monthly from September through May and normally start at 7:00pm at the La Posada Recreation Center, located in Green Valley, AZ. Twice a year (December and May) dinners are held before the meeting. The dinners normally start at 5:45pm. A brief business meeting is held prior to the main presentation. Meetings last about one and one half hours. The next scheduled meeting is:

DATE: November 13th, 2018
Dr. Danielle Adams
Camels in the Sky: Our Heritage of Arabian Star Lore
 Dr. Danielle Adams will speak about the rich star lore of Arabia as it was more than a thousand years ago. Camels, vultures, goats, wild cows and many other kinds of animals graced the skies of the Arabian desert, and some of these survive in the star names used by astronomers today. Danielle will especially focus on the stars that are visible in November so that guests can find them after the talk. Some of these stories can be found on her website, onesky.arizona.edu.
Dr. Danielle Adams, a recent PhD Graduate, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies and the School of Anthropology
2015-2017 NASA Space Grant Fellow
University of Arizon