About Us

The Sonora Astronomical Society was founded by Marvin Vann in 1985. He donated his dome and all of his astronomy equipment to La Posada.

We are located in a city (Green Valley, Arizona) that not only has dark skies, but skies relatively clear of rain and clouds for most of the year. This is evident by the many observatories that have chosen Arizona for their observing sites. We are located about 15 miles north of the Whipple Observatory. We live in an astronomer's paradise!

The Sonora Astronomical Society reaches out to the public by providing free star parties for community events, schools, libraries, and other organizations. At star parties our members can provide telescopes which allow the public to observe the wonders of the night sky such as the Moon, planets, and other wondrous objects that may be visible on that evening. We can also provide daytime safe viewing of the Sun upon request through the use of telescopes equipped with special filters to block the harmful effects of the Sun.

You are welcome to attend our club meetings. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from September through May at the La Posada Recreation Center in Green Valley. Our meeting usually begins at 7:00pm. Twice a year (in December and May) we hold a dinner before the meeting. The dinner normally begins at 5:45pm. Following the dinner our normal meeting will begin. For presentations at the meeting we draw on speakers from our group as well as outstanding astronomers from the surrounding observatories and universities.

The members of our society range from beginners to experts. Many of our members have at least one or more telescopes. You do not have to own a telescope to become a member of our society. SAS is your tool to discover how to start enjoying astronomy and how to observe objects in our dark skies. You can learn from our group and by seeing some of our equipment, you can better decide the type of telescope that would best suit you.